Broodthaers Society of America
Six lettres ouvertes: AVIS. The final suite of open letters by Marcel Broodthaers
What is that aphorism? Something about good fortune being a consequence of preparation? While we were working on an upcoming exhibition around a recently acquired set of Open Letters, an art historian reached out to see if we might like to acquire his as well: the set of six "Avises" that were published in Hamburg in early 1972 as a final bit of outreach from the Musée d'Art Moderne, Département des Aigles and in anticipation of its formal demise as part of Documenta V.

We were skeptical at first, since there are several such suites of prints floating around the internet at wildly different valuations, which didn't so much suggest that any one set was overpriced or a bargain but that all of them seemed dubious. Having just discovered that another one of our Open Letters is perhaps counterfeit, we proceeded with caution. The suite appears to be legit.
Edition Griffelkunst Vereinigung, Hamburg, 1972. Offset ink on glossy paper. 100 unnumbered copies initialed and/or dated on each page. German on French letterhead.