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Le Salut Public
In the May 1946 issue of Le Salut Public, a 22-year-old Marcel Broodthaers published an article titled “Two Revolutionary Mentalities: à propos Charles Péguy, Albert Camus, and Leon Blum," which ran into the June issue and concludes alongside an article on Picasso by Belgian painter Christian Dotremont.

It's noteworthy that the young MB was trying out one of his first noms de plume, here signing off as Marcel Canal whereas poems he published the previous year in le ciel bleu were signed Broodthaerts—very likely a typo, but one can never know with MB. A poem published in issue 2 of Phantomas was signed Chateau d'If (likely referring to the penal island off the coast from Marseilles.) In Phantomas number 51-61, he used the poet Roger Callois as cover in the table of contents for a short text titled "Evolution, ou L'oeuf film."

According to a Belgian colleague, Christian Dotremont’s descendants claim that Dotremont and Broodthaers frequently wrote each other’s articles and published under each other’s names, which added an extra layer of subterfuge when “their” articles and sign offs ran side by side, as in the last image.
Paris: 1945, numbers 8 and 9. French.