Broodthaers Society of America
Here’s an interesting find in relation to Marcel Broodthaers' infamous Musée d'Arte Moderne: Departement des Aigles exhibition at the Kunstalle Düsseldorf. Two years later, artist Lothar Baumgarten and cultural anthropologist Michael Oppitz mounted an exhibition and catalogue titled T’E-NE-T’E: A Mythological Performance at Galerie Konrad Fischer, Düsseldorf, ostensibly as an addendum to Broodthaers’ show.
Baumgarten and Oppitz's project appears to have been an earnest and scholarly treatment of the eagle’s central role in Native American folklore, replete with an index of the eagle’s significance to particular peoples.
The foreword of the catalogue reads: “Two young hunters hid in a hollow tree where an eagle tracked them down. The bird carried both of them in its claws through fog and clouds to its heavenly eyrie, where the hunters made friends with the eaglets. Using their pebble knives, the hunters cut up the wild game the eagle had captured for its offspring. In gratitude for this service, the eagle taught dance rites to the hunters that they later taught to their own people. The dance rites protected the inhabitants of the earth against the dangers of eagles.”
Düsseldorf: Galerie Konrad Fischer, 1974: 48 pp, unpaginated. German. 10 b&w reproductions, 3 b&w illustrations.