Broodthaers Society of America
Der Adler vom Oligozän bis Heute
Two volumes, both with illustrated covers declaring MUSEUM and listing the lenders to the exhibition. Copiously illustrated in color and black and white, with an object checklist in volume one and an Enzyclopädie of terms occupying the rear of both volumes.

The set includes the “proof of purchase” coupon designed by Broodthaers as part of the exhibition concept. Only one volume of the catalogue was available at the time of the opening, so it was sold with an illustrated postcard that could be used as a coupon for volume two.

The volumes are also accompanied by an original copy of the press release for the show (also in German), as well as an original copy of the separate announcement card for the Department des Aigles, (section cinema), which was distributed by Wide White Space Gallery and which made it clear where the objects on display could be purchased.

All in all a complete array of the ways that Broodthaers engaged the mechanisms and conflated the values of scholarship, publicity, and commerce.
Städtische Kunstalle Düsseldorf, 1972.
64 pages each volume. German.