Broodthaers Society of America
Photographieren Verboten
Part deux of Broodthaers' publication diptych for exhibitions at the DAAD, Berlin, and the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. This copy is a "remix" of much of the DAAD book. Broodthaers curriculum vitae is printed on the inside front cover, the DAAD cover appears on page seven, and the first nine pages as a whole seem set up as a string of false starts and recollections.

The main theme of the book is a series of photographs of bare trees, in which their networks of branches fill the entire frame, creating an anti-hierarchical effect and a tense relation between deep space and flatness. It would be worth investigating what relationship, if any, these photos have to the "all over" ceramic tile patterns Broodthaers was experimenting with at the time of his death, seen here as various backgrounds on our website.

The lone text, Broodthaers' "To be a straight thinker or not to be . . . To be blind," appears on the back cover like a sales blurb. In our opinion this is Broodthaers' Gettysburg Address, a succinct and clear-eyed philosophy of art in relation to his weary view of the battlefield.
Oxford: The Museum of Modern Art, 1975. Illustrated, 24 pages. English and French.