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Un Coup de Dés Jamais N'Abolira le Hasard
New to the archive: a "well loved" copy of Broodthaers' book, Un Coup De Des Jamais N'Abolira Le Hasard, in which he emphasizes the spatial relations between the line breaks and spacing of Stéphane Mallarmee's poem by redacting it entirely. (The text of the poem appears in full as the Preface to the book, typeset in one solid, justified block with / designating the line breaks.)

So often displayed in vitrines, so rarely presented with the opportunity to actually flip through its ghostly pages. While the cover is more than a bit beat up, the pages are quite clean. Books are made to be handled, no?

This one is from the private collection of art critic Alain Jouffroy, who clearly thumbed it, dented it, buried it, exposed it to sunlight, and maybe even spilled some tea on it. That's cool.

What is particularly charming is that Broodthaers' has "deeded" this copy to Jouffroy by striking his own name from the copyright page and writing in Jouffroy's, instead, as well as changing it from an original edition to an "edition de hasard."

Numbered 1 of 1, initialed MB.
French. 32 pages, unnumbered.