Broodthaers Society of America
Commission: Palace w/ Embattlements (after Gardiner) and After
Paige K. B.
accessible beginning August 15th
by appointment

Paige K. B. made a magnificent, evolving, seventeen-foot-long installation as her main contribution to Reworking, but we were just as taken with a small drawing that was hung around the corner from it. Titled Palace w/ Embattlements (after Gardiner), the drawing was an acrylic and graphite rendering of an Egyptian hieroglyph that is a recurring motif in her work that looks eerily similar to an airplane crashed into a flaming modern tower. Sound familiar? If so, why only one?

K. B. responded by agreeing to make a mirror image of the drawing as a private commission on the condition that the Broodthaers Society not only display the twin embattlements but also an additional drawing of three vertical lines. According to Sir Alan Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar: Being an Introduction to the Study of Hieroglyphs (1927), published by the Griffith Institute at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University, the inscription of a vertical line, broken into three marks, was placed after another glyph to indicate that the former should be understood three times. And so, in keeping with the terms of the ancient vocabulary and the artist's contemporary practice, one image begets another, and another ...

Once completed, Palace w/ Embattlements (after Gardiner) and After (2022) will be accessible by appointment as part of the Broodthaers Society's permanent collection.