Broodthaers Society of America
Paige K. B.
I bring word of two shows: One is a stellar group outing—You're Finally Awake!—named after a viral 2020-21 meme, and a phrase I use in my work—at the estimable gallery Theta. There are two works of mine in it, and it will open January 13.

The other is a solo project, laugh(RIOT), which I'm proud to be presenting at Lubov, upstairs from the main gallery space. It includes a reworking of a piece originally installed at the Canal Street Research Association on January 6 to the 14th of last year, complemented by other works that take as a departure point the unfortunately timely (evergreen?) premise of "Don't Tread on Me." It is about that January 6th, but perhaps only in the same way that all sorts of things swish around claiming to be about politics, in an age of digital soldiering. Hope you can take a joke!

The latter show will be on view from this Thursday, January 6, until the 31st. Soft opening potential this Thursday 4-6 PM, but admittedly there will be better lighting conditions to view it this weekend if you prefer a solo visit by appointment. The installation is honestly best suited to such, and accessible only by stairs. Postcard designs are attached, and if you find me over the course of the next month you can ask for the in-person exclusive design!