Broodthaers Society of America
Kindred Spirits
Nothing warms our hearts more than the prospect of Marcel Broodthaers as a construction worker.

At the moment, though, we're interested in his commercial gallery catalogues. We use the pronoun "his" tentatively, given that MB had to die in order for any of them to be published in the first place.

We acquire every one we come across, largely because they are a record of what aspects of his work were (and remain) in circulation. As this pool gets smaller the works get more liminal and obscure—which is precisely what interests us.

We also like repetitive examples of similar content, such as the apparent necessity for different institutions at different times publishing their account of Catalogue of Books, The Complete Prints, The Complete Prints and Books, The Complete Books and Prints, and Catalogue of the Editions, Prints and Books. We're interested in more than one copy of anything.

We like being able to consider the shift in meaning that occurs when looking at identical content in different formats, such as Broodthaers' "Le Séance, Film de M.B." within the pages of Interfunkitionen 11 side by side with his artist's book Racisme végétal.

Peruse our current holdings under Archive in the menu, and do contact us if you have any questions. Access to the Archive is free but by appointment only, electronic devices and pencils only (no pens).

Available times are erratic—and possibly last minute—so contact us and see what might work.